Friday, March 4, 2016

Feature & Follow Friday

This week's question:

Write a letter to your favorite author

Gah!! This is going to be hard to write since I have a lot of favorite authors. But I will say this to all of them:

Dear authors,

To each and everyone one of you, thank you for writing some of my favorite books because they are amazing, create an image of your characters, recommend to other readers when I am working at my job because if you didn't write I would be without a job and would not be reading. Being a blogger, getting to know you during this experience and being able to meet you in person creates joy in me as we become friends. Thank you for giving every reader a chance to explore your minds! Can't wait to read all your upcoming books and to eventually meet in person!

- Amanda


  1. Yup that about sums it all! New Instagram follower

  2. EEEE! What a PERFECT letter! I can't believe I didn't think of it myself!

    I love your blog - I'm a new GFC Follower.

    Aditi @

  3. Great idea to write to ALL of the authors! New follower on BlogLovin' and Instagram!

    Auggie's FFF

  4. Very clear, love it! Love how you addressed all of your favourite authors! Everything you write is so true :)

    Following you via GFC :)

    Here's my FF of the week :)

    Florentine from Readiculously Peachy

  5. Nice idea and very true!

    Old follower, happy F&F Friday!

    My F&F.


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Thanks Amanda

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