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Pics of my Books

So I am running out of room to put my books.. take a look:

He's So Not Worth It By Kieran Scott

I got this book through the S&S Gallery Grab, and I was soo looking forward to read this book for such a long time that I had to read it to know whats happening in this part of the series.

It picks up from where we left from the last book, She's So Dead To Us. We meet our characters, Ally where she sees her dad once again after 2 years of him being away, this occurs after Shannon's party. Ally is upset that Jake did not tell her that him and the rest of the Cresties saw her father. Allies problems with her parents and the relationship her mother and the doctor, Gray Nathanson has developed further, and he takes them to his beach house on the Shore. With Ally mad at her mom and at Jake we really see how her relationship with her friends really affect what see does in public. All she wants is her parents back together, and you can really empathize with her because all parents go through this. I love the character of Jake because you really see he has changed after he met Ally. We see that he really loves her, and we see this in the book (later on) I really loved the scenes where they are together and we see some fight scenes through some part of the novel. Then Ally meets a local boy by the name of Cooper, who shows her the wild side of herself that we didnt see in the first novel. Her character really matures through this phase away from Jake. Through Jake POV, we learn that he is not able to go the Shore with all of his friends, but has to go do a summer course and so SAT prep courses. He starts hanging with Chloe, and we also see their relationship develop into something more-- I wont say more you will see when you read the book. Overall reading this book made me fall in love with the characters again and has hopes for Allie and Jake to go through this next obstacle(I will not say or will ruin next book) and make it as a couple in the end,and make them stronger. I hope all fans of this series will be pleased with this addition because You Will Love It!!!

Scott really does a good job of presenting her story through this trilogy, it will leave you hanging until the end of the story. I personally Loved this chapter of the book because we see normal teenage life through Ally and Jake, and the ups and downs of their relationship. By the ending I was speechless (really speechless), and am very excited for the next book to come out, to see what else Scott has in store for this couple, with the latest problem in the couple lives!. I love Kieran Scott's books and I cannot wait until the next novel, that will be the end of the She's So Dead To Us trilogy. I will for sure buy the book once it hits stores on June 7th.Its a must read !!
In this sequel to SHE’S SO DEAD TO US, Ally Ryan finds that some things are just not worth the energy. First her “friends” humiliate her. Then Jake lets her down. Again. Then her MIA father reappears and acts like nothing has changed. Then her mother wants to spend the entire summer at her new boyfriend’s beach house. Breaking point, meet Ally Ryan.

After the year she had, all Ally wants is to be let alone. Unfortunately, the Jersey Shore is not the place for privacy. And if she gets one more text about what Jake Graydon has been up to all summer . . .

Labor Day cannot come soon enough.

Happy Reading- ILoveBooks!!!!


Another Blog is doing a give away!!


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Endless Summer By Jennifer Echols

I personally loved these two books because of the relationship between Lori and Adam, and how you see it really grow into a relationship in the second novel developed for that book-I Loved it from beginning to end. This isn`t my first echols book, and I LOVE all of her books because they show a sense of growing up and developing relationships in every books that she has written. The Boy Next Door is the first book and part of the novel, through the point of views of Lori and Adam. We see the story develop in to love near the end, because we get the sense of love from both characters. Endless Summer topped of their story about the ups and downs of relationships that could cause these two to break up- Also the relationship with Adams brothers grows in this part of the book. Overall Echols did a great job with this sequel and I can`t wait until Love Story comes out sometime this Summer!

Bumped By Megan McCafferty

Hey everyone, I just recently read the book Bumped by Megan McCaffery, it was an interesting read that pulls you in from the first chapter. I personally LOVED the book, and I cannot wait until the sequel comes out! Overall the novel presented a great outline of a dystopia in which teens are the most prized possessions. A virus has rendered nearly everyone in the world unable to have children after age 18. As a result, teen pregnancies become the only way to continue civilization. Alternating chapters follow two identical twins, Melody and Harmony, who meet for the first time just as Melody is about to begin fulfilling her lucrative contract to “bump” and produce a baby for a wealthy couple.

McCafferty used so many new terms in this book to relate to preggs, as in pregnant. I loved the characters in the novel because they were full of life, and we can see how the world has changed within this universe. I loved the male characters that include: Zen- Melody`s best friend, Jondoe: a love interest for Harmony. I just loved how she developed this character because in the book, I almost cried near the ending of what he was trying to do, I was waiting for the ending that was anticipating to come. So I guess, i will just have to wait until the next novel. The sisters themselves really had a lot in common with each other even though they didnt grow up with each other.

It was a really awesome book, and I really recommend this book, because it has an interesting plot of events and the love stories that come into place when you read this book. Totally recommend this book to anyone into really interesting dystopian reads that will make you understand human in a different perspective if this happens

Overall- 5 out of 5

The Synopsis:
WHEN A VIRUS makes everyone over the age of eighteen infertile, would-be parents must pay teen girls to conceive and give birth to their children, making teens the most prized members of society.

Sixteen-year-old identical twins Melody and Harmony were separated at birth and had never met until the day Harmony shows up on Melody’s doorstep. Until now, the twins have followed completely opposite paths. Melody has scored an enviable conception contract with a couple called the Jaydens. While they search for the perfect partner for Melody to bump with, she is fighting her attraction to her best friend, Zen, who is way too short for the job.

Harmony has spent her whole life in religious Goodside, preparing to be a wife and mother. She believes her calling is to convince Melody that pregging for profit is a sin. But Harmony has secrets of her own that she is running from.

When Melody is finally matched with the world-famous, genetically flawless Jondoe, both girls’ lives are changed forever. A case of mistaken identity takes them on a journey neither could have ever imagined, one that makes Melody and Harmony realize they have so much more than just DNA in common.

From New York Times bestselling author Megan McCafferty comes a strikingly original look at friendship, love, and sisterhood—in a future that is eerily believable.

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Kieran Scott Contest

To celebrate today's release of SHE'S SO DEAD TO US in paperback, I've decided to run a little . . . well, okay, MASSIVE contest! The prizes?

20 people will win SHE'S SO DEAD TO US/HE'S SO NOT WORTH IT BOOKMARKS signed by moi
2 lucky people will win an autographed copy of HE'S SO NOT WORTH IT when it's released in JUNE.

TELL ME MORE, you say? All righty then. Here's what you need to do to win!

1) Recommend SHE'S SO DEAD TO US to a friend (you were going to do that anyway, right?)

2) Send that friend to the SHE'S SO DEAD TO US fan page on Facebook and have them "like" SHE'S SO DEAD TO US. Here's the link: (BONUS, your friend will now be a member of the SSDTU page, which means she/he will get all the latest news on the trilogy!)

3) Have that friend post on the wall on the SHE'S SO DEAD TO US page, telling me that YOU sent her/him. For example, if my friend Wendy were to send my friend Shira to the page, Shira would post: "Hey Kieran! Wendy Schwartz recommended She's So Dead to Us!"

4) THAT'S IT! As long as your friend gets your name right, you will BOTH be entered in the contest as soon as she/he posts on the wall.

BONUS #2: YOU CAN ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE! You'll be entered once for each friend you send, so send 'em ALL!


Entries can be submitted through Friday, 4/29, until 12 pm midnight, EST. On Saturday 4/30 I'll pick 22 lucky winners at random.

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Hey everyone!!

As you might know I do use KOBO from Chapters Indigo... they have books really cheap. for example I just bought Firelight by Sophie Jordan for $1.35!

We'll Always Have Summer By Jenny Han

I have always loved this series, from the first book, The Summer I Turned Pretty. I wish the series did not end because they last book was the best one yet because all the characters have grown since the first novel. I think that when reading this novel it gives you a sense of compassion towards each character because it happens to most people in this situation, to commit to the person who you love with your whole heart.

I also loved the picture on the cover because it really resembles what happened in the book. Ok with the review, In the first bit of the novel I thought Belly really fit well with Jeremiah and cared about her. Then we would read about that Jeremiah made a mistake, and their whole relationship is tested because of this mistake that he did. I really felt for Belly though out these scenes the author presented in the telling of the story. We then later learn that though this breakup (the characters are now in college) that (spoiler).. that Jeremiah cheated on Belly:( I sympathized with Belly because even if it was a breakup for that one week, you would try again to get the girl back. Jeremiah did not even call her and she thought nothing of it when she would later find out at a frat party. With a few days apart the couple were back together, and he felt so bad, and he knew that he loved her, he asked an important question (not saying:p) and this would later take us to Cousins.

I love how Han, used Conrad as the other voice because it gave us how he presented his and Belly's relationship that we never knew. I really loved how his character developed through this book because it made you fall in love with him all over again. We first see him at the garden scene where he first sees Belly after 2 years, same time her and Jeremiah have been together. I really don't want to give too much away because lots of people want to read this series. So instead I will tell you that this was the best book out of the series, and I will probably read the whole series again, but I do hope Han creates more to this series or another similar to the novels. I really loved the ending to the book, and I hope all of you out there will too!!

Any other recommendations.. send me an email. If I get more followers on this blog, I will do a giveaway for one of the books!
Thanks ILoveBooks:)

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She's So Dead To Us by Kieran Scott

When I first looked at this book, I never thought of it, but when I bought it, and read it, it had so much depth in this first trilogy, that I cannot wait until the next book to come out. The story line was really well placed throughout the entire novel. I has two different point of views, from Ally Ryan, who comes back to her home town after what her father did 2 years ago, and who every hates because of it, all her past friends. And theirs cute boy Jake, who is everyone's dream guy. With the two perspectives it gives insight of what they are thinking about and at which group they belong to. With Jake who lives in Ally's old house, and her with her mom in an apartment, and who hasn't heard from her dad in two years.

Overall, I loved it and the chemistry the characters brought near the end, and I cant wait until the next book to come out. This is a must read full secrets and lies, love/romance between the characters and a little of outcast for Ally at first but the first person to let her in is people who didn't like who she was before the accident, her I go on a rant out about the book, I let all you read the book to find out!

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Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Book: Between Here and Forever
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: 5/24/2011
Pages: 256
Source: ARC
Date Read: April 4, 2011


Abby accepted that she can’t measure up to her beautiful, magnetic sister Tess a long time ago, and knows exactly what she is: Second best. Invisible.

Until the accident.

Now Tess is in a coma, and Abby’s life is on hold. It may have been hard living with Tess, but it's nothing compared to living without her.

She's got a plan to bring Tess back though, involving the gorgeous and mysterious Eli, but then Abby learns something about Tess, something that was always there, but that she’d never seen.

Abby is about to find out that truth isn't always what you think it is, and that life holds more than she ever thought it could...
Hey everyone, I am recently reading a pre-advanced Arc from the S&S Gallery- copy of Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott. I have read a few other books by the author, and I loved each one, so I can't wait to read the novel and tell them how much I will like it. In the beginning of the novel we learn what happened to Abbey's older sister Tess. From learning more about the sisters, I find that the characters really similar to me and my sisters relationship because we aren't really close. The book really hit sisterly relationships and how they can get closer. When Abbey meets a new boy in the hospital, she realizes that his voice can make Tess' eye twitch, so it make Abbey have hope that her sister will wake up from her coma, from a New Years Eve party, and the car slipped on ice and hit a tree. We also learn through flashbacks of how happy Tess' life was before she got in the accident.

Throughout the whole book we see Abbey grow, and the process of everyday visiting her sister in the hospital. 3x a day. We also get to learn more about Eli as a character, who is the love interest for Abbey. I am not gonna give too much away because I don't want to ruin too much of the book. I really did like the similarities that Abbey and Eli both have in common because you can see that they both like each other, but she wont really admit it right away. She thinks that she is not like her sister and that she doesn't matter because Tess is not awake.

Near chapter 34 of the book I was shocked about the relationship that her sister, Tess had with her roommate.. not gonna say, but is was Abbey who put it together in the end to discover what her sister was hiding. SHOCKED. by this new development to the plot. :P I really liked this quote: "He is too beautiful for me, someone else will see that and worse, see that inside he is gorgeous too, and am all thorns and loss and anger with bony knees and then-- And then he kisses me." I thought this was really a great sentence because Eli wants her for who she is, and he likes that she is different, because they have that in common. Such a cute scene.

Abbey learns many new things that Tess has hidden, like past relationships, that were kept secret, and I can feel Abbeys reaction to some of the messages that she finds on her sisters laptop. It gives an insight of Tess' life before the accident, and a new side to Abbey because she know why her sister had to hide it. Abbey lets her heart open to Eli in the end because he was the only one to see her for who she is and vice versa, and they are so alike and they understand each other

Overall, I found the book to be very touching, full of normal teenage problems that can sometimes it home. Scott really does a great job of this throughout her novels. I loved how see could make the characters to be so real, and that it happens everyday. It had a true message that makes you see that you can't always be perfect, and lie about who you are truly as a person, and in the end Abbey is ready to move on with her life and also be with Eli and she's ready to believe in herself.

Overall 4.5/5- took me 2 days to read!

Upcoming Reads

These are Canadian release dates but also keep in mind that these dates are almost always the same as for the U.S. too. As well, the books are all young adult unless indicated otherwise. If you have more books to add, please let me know and I'll gladly add them!

5- City of Fallen Angels (TMI #4) by Cassandra Clare
- Flip by Martyn Bedford
- The Gathering (Darkness Rising #1) by Kelley Armstrong
- Red Glove (Curse Workers #2) by Holly Black
- Stay by Deb Caletti
- Teeth: Vampire Novels edited by Ellen Datlow
- The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky
- Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach
- Where She Went (If I Stay #2) by Gayle Forman

12- Enclave (Razorland #1) by Ann Aguirre
- What Comes After by Steve Watkins

18- The Betrayal of Maggie Blair by Elizabeth Laird

19- The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

26- Abandon by Meg Cabot
- Forever Summer (ie. Laguna Cove and Cruel Summer in one edition) by Alyson Noel
- Future Imperfect by K. Ryer Breese
- The Last Little Blue Envelope (Little Blue Envelope #2) by Maureen Johnson
- We'll Always Have Summer (Summer #3) by Jenny Han

28- Back When You Were Easier to Love by Emily Wing Smith

1- I'm Not Her by Janet Gurtler
- Instructions for a Broken Heart by Kim Culbertson

3- Divergent by Veronica Roth
- Exile by Anne Osterlund
- Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #4) by Chloe Neill (Note: This is an ADULT novel.)
- Illusions (Wings #3) by Aprilynne Pike
- Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton
- So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti
- The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Terra Elan McVoy

8- But I Love Him by Amanda Grace (pseudonym of Mandy Hubbard)

10- Bitter End by Jennifer Brown
- Die for Me (Revenants #1) by Amy Plum
- My Not-So-Still Life by Liz Gallagher
- Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs
- The Lucky Find by Alyssa B. Sheinmel
- The Sweetest Thing by Christina Mandelski
- Tighter by Adele Griffin
- What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

11- Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky

12- Dreamland Social Club by Tara Altebrando
- Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby

24- Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy #1) by L.A. Weatherly
- Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
- Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott
- Blood Magic (The Blood Journals #1) by Tessa Gratton
- Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry #3) by Simone Elkeles
- The Girl in the Steel Corset (The Steampunk Chronicles #1) by Kady Cross
- Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey
- Lark by Tracey Porter
- Something Deadly This Way Comes (Madison Avery #3) by Kim Harrison
- Welcome to Bordertown edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner
- Wish by Tish Cohen
- Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury

26- Corsets & Clockwork: 14 Steampunk Romances edited by Trisha Telep

31- Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay (Note: This is an ADULT novel.)
- Starcrossed (Starcrossed #1) by Josephine Angelini

1- Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari
- The Vampire Stalker by Allison van Diepen

2- Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson

7- Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore
- Forgotten by Cat Patrick
- Hereafter by Tara Hudson
- He's So Not Worth It (She's So Dead to Us #2) by Kieran Scott
- Possession by Elana Johnson
- The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies #2) by Pittacus Lore
- Everlasting (Immortals #6) by Alyson Noel

8- Sirenz by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman

9- Exile (Mercy #2) by Rebecca Lim

14- Crush Control by Jennifer Jabaley
- Hourglass by Myra McEntire
- Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma
- Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard
- The Revenant by Sonia Gensler

21- A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young
- Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen #2) by Rebecca Maizel
- Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski
- Witched of East End (The Beauchamp Family #1) by Melissa de la Cruz

28- The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder
- Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society #2) by Ally Carter

30- From Bad to Cursed (Bad Girls Don't Die #2) by Katie Alender

1- Once Every Never by Lesley Livingston
- Unfriended: A Top 8 Novel by Katie Finn

4- Always a Witch (Witch #2) by Carolyn MacCullough

5- Original Sin (Personal Demons #2) by Lisa Desrochers
- Paradise by Jill S. Alexander
- Sirensong (Faeriewalker #3) by Jenna Black

7- Luminous by Dawn Metcalf

11- The Jewel and the Key by Louise Spiegler

12- Bad Taste In Boys by Carrie Harris
- Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3) by Maggie Stiefvater
- Sass and Serendipity by Jennifer Ziegler
- Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt
- Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore
- Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2) by Andrea Cremer

19- Love Story by Jennifer Echols
- Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker

21- Ripple by Mandy Hubbard

26- And Then Things Fell Apart by Arlaina Tibensky
- Putting Makeup on Dead People by Jen Violi
- Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2) by Kiersten White
- Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy #1) by Jennifer Estep
- Wildefire by Karsten Knight
- Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2) by Andrea Cremer

1- Populazzi by Elise Allen

2- Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik
- The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab

3- Dark Parties by Sara Grant

8- The Cupid War by Timothy Carter

9- All You Desire (The Eternal Ones #2) by Kirsten Miller
- Ingenue (Flappers #2) by Jillian Larkin
- Siren's Storm by Lisa Papademetriou

16- The Death Catchers by Jennifer Anne Kogler
- The Little Women & Me by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

23- Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1) by Richelle Mead
- Possess by Gretchen McNeil
- The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies #2) by Pittacus Lore (ie. James Frey)

30- Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
- Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare
- Hades (Halo #2) by Alexandra Adornetto
- The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann
- Witchlanders by Lena Coakley

1- Blood Bound (Unbound #1) by Rachel Vincent (Note: This is an ADULT novel.)
- Fateful by Claudia Gray
- The Predicteds by Christine Seifert
- Witch Song by Amber Argyle

5- After Obsession by Carrie Jones and S.E. Wedel
- Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

6- The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle

8- Pure Red by Danielle Joseph

11- Goliath (Leviathan #3) by Scott Westerfeld

13- Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst
- The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon
- Frost by Marianna Baer
- Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay
- You Against Me by Jenny Downham

15- As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott

19- The Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett

20- Beautiful Days (Bright Young Things #2) by Anna Godbersen
- The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Fire and Thorns #1) by Rae Carson

27- My Beating Teenage Heart by C.K. Kelly Martin
- The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

29- Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
- The Name of the Star (Shades of London #1) by Maureen Johnson

1- Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday
- The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton
- If I Die (Soul Screamers #5) by Rachel Vincent
- Last Breath (The Morganville Vampires #11) by Rachel Caine

- Sweet Venom (Medusa Girls #1) by Tera Lynn Childs

4- Eve (The Eve Trilogy #1) by Anna Carey
- Fake Me A Match by Lauren Barnholdt
- Lost in Time (Blue Bloods #6) by Melissa de la Cruz
- Silence (Hush, Hush #3) by Becca Fitzpatrick
- Sweet Venom (Medusa Girls #1) by Tera Lynn Childs

11- The Death Cure (Maze Runner #3) by James Dashner
- Devoted (Elixir #2) by Hilary Duff and Elise Allen
- Tris and Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

18- The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

25- Amplified by Tara Kelly

1- Crossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie

8- Don't Expect Magic by Kathy McCullough

14- Wherever You Go by Heather Davis

15- The Pledge by Kimberly Derting
- Saving June by Hannah Harrington
- Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

28- Legend (Legend #1) by Marie Lu

8- Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

20- Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne

27- Brave New Love: 13 Dystopian Tales of Desire edited by Trisha Telep

To Marry a Prince

One night is about to change Bella’s life for ever…

Bella Greenwood isn’t a fairytale girl. If pushed, she’d probably tell you that her perfect wedding would involve a handful of close friends and family. But as she’s never met anyone she’d like to marry, it’s a moot point.

Until, in a midnight garden, Bella is helped out of an embarrassing situation by a tall, dark, handsome man with laughing eyes. And suddenly her life changes for ever, because the man is the world’s most eligible bachelor: Prince Richard, heir to the throne.

Richard sweeps her off her feet, and before she knows it they’re engaged. Which is when Bella’s problems really begin. Suddenly she is public property, and as if it isn’t enough to have her every move watched – while also learning to curtsy and negotiating the etiquette of how to address her future mother-in-law – she soon finds herself embroiled in bridesmaid politics, a right royal hen night, and a wedding dress controversy that causes a national scandal…

So I read during exams, its kinda hard not too, don't you agree, so I noticed this book in the book store yesterday or should I say Saturday and then bought later for the KOBO, much cheaper, and I just fell in love with the cover right before, it was near a Nora Roberts section, couldnt help it. When I first started the book, it was a little boring at first but it started to get interesting when her knight in shining armor came into the picture to save Bella. It was overall a cute romance book to put you in the mood for romance with royalty marriage in the air during this time of year. I read it on KOBO, and I even found it funny at some parts of the book. I totally recommend this cute romantic comedy about a normal girl who falls in love with her prince charming. I am a sucker for romance novels involving this kinda romance. But its a totally worth the read! I loved how the author gives a lot of detail of each family and how they are all involved in the book. Bella and Richard are such a cute couple and I will probably read the novel again in the near future.
What can I say, am a sucker for romance books and even reading through school!
giving it 4.5/5

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Busy with Exams

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't really posted lately, but as you can see its exam period time for university, so its a little hard to read. The next book I will be reading is Where I Belong. I also suggest people visit Inkpop, because they have such great stories. I hope to post soon and if people have any suggestions after the book am reading give me a shout out. You can also visit my Chapters Indigo account to read all my other reviews of the latest novels that I will read.
here's the site:
and for Inkpop:

Thanks lovesBooks!

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Wither(Chemical Garden, #1)

When I first started this book, I thought it was pretty interesting of the authors world in this book. It gave us what the future can be like when death for males is at 25 and females at 20. I thoroughly loved the book and cant wait until the next chapter of Rhines life. I loved her relationship with Gabriel and that it would lead to opportunities for their future even if she didnt love her husband Linden. I felt compassionate for the characters because of how young they are and how they have to become adults at such a young age. It had a great plot lines and different twists of life. We can expect great things from this author. I read this on KOBO and I thought it was also well written.

I highly recommend this book to whoever is in need to explore a new reality that could become of the human race. Its hypothetical but it can also make you cry in some parts.

By age sixteen, Rhine Ellery has four years left to live. She can thank modern science for this genetic time bomb. A botched effort to create a perfect race has left all males with a lifespan of 25 years, and females with a lifespan of 20 years. Geneticists are seeking a miracle antidote to restore the human race, desperate orphans crowd the population, crime and poverty have skyrocketed, and young girls are being kidnapped and sold as polygamous brides to bear more children.

When Rhine is kidnapped and sold as a bride, she vows to do all she can to escape. Her husband, Linden, is hopelessly in love with her, and Rhine can't bring herself to hate him as much as she'd like to. He opens her to a magical world of wealth and illusion she never thought existed, and it almost makes it possible to ignore the clock ticking away her short life. But Rhine quickly learns that not everything in her new husband's strange world is what it seems. Her father-in-law, an eccentric doctor bent on finding the antidote, is hoarding corpses in the basement. Her fellow sister wives are to be trusted one day and feared the next, and Rhine is desperate to communicate to her twin brother that she is safe and alive. Will Rhine be able to escape--before her time runs out?
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