Friday, April 29, 2011

He's So Not Worth It By Kieran Scott

I got this book through the S&S Gallery Grab, and I was soo looking forward to read this book for such a long time that I had to read it to know whats happening in this part of the series.

It picks up from where we left from the last book, She's So Dead To Us. We meet our characters, Ally where she sees her dad once again after 2 years of him being away, this occurs after Shannon's party. Ally is upset that Jake did not tell her that him and the rest of the Cresties saw her father. Allies problems with her parents and the relationship her mother and the doctor, Gray Nathanson has developed further, and he takes them to his beach house on the Shore. With Ally mad at her mom and at Jake we really see how her relationship with her friends really affect what see does in public. All she wants is her parents back together, and you can really empathize with her because all parents go through this. I love the character of Jake because you really see he has changed after he met Ally. We see that he really loves her, and we see this in the book (later on) I really loved the scenes where they are together and we see some fight scenes through some part of the novel. Then Ally meets a local boy by the name of Cooper, who shows her the wild side of herself that we didnt see in the first novel. Her character really matures through this phase away from Jake. Through Jake POV, we learn that he is not able to go the Shore with all of his friends, but has to go do a summer course and so SAT prep courses. He starts hanging with Chloe, and we also see their relationship develop into something more-- I wont say more you will see when you read the book. Overall reading this book made me fall in love with the characters again and has hopes for Allie and Jake to go through this next obstacle(I will not say or will ruin next book) and make it as a couple in the end,and make them stronger. I hope all fans of this series will be pleased with this addition because You Will Love It!!!

Scott really does a good job of presenting her story through this trilogy, it will leave you hanging until the end of the story. I personally Loved this chapter of the book because we see normal teenage life through Ally and Jake, and the ups and downs of their relationship. By the ending I was speechless (really speechless), and am very excited for the next book to come out, to see what else Scott has in store for this couple, with the latest problem in the couple lives!. I love Kieran Scott's books and I cannot wait until the next novel, that will be the end of the She's So Dead To Us trilogy. I will for sure buy the book once it hits stores on June 7th.Its a must read !!
In this sequel to SHE’S SO DEAD TO US, Ally Ryan finds that some things are just not worth the energy. First her “friends” humiliate her. Then Jake lets her down. Again. Then her MIA father reappears and acts like nothing has changed. Then her mother wants to spend the entire summer at her new boyfriend’s beach house. Breaking point, meet Ally Ryan.

After the year she had, all Ally wants is to be let alone. Unfortunately, the Jersey Shore is not the place for privacy. And if she gets one more text about what Jake Graydon has been up to all summer . . .

Labor Day cannot come soon enough.

Happy Reading- ILoveBooks!!!!

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