Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: Waking Up To Boy- Hailey Abbott

I have read a lot of Hailey Abbott's books, but I think, this book I liked more, since I did read it in one day. It had lots of action with Chelsea as a wakeboarder. 

Chelsea is in love with her instructor Todd, who also taught her how to wake board. She has extremely good talent at this sport and tries to prove herself to her parents and Todd. I like Todd`s character, even if he was like a `playboy` but in the end he really shows his affections at the right moment. I liked Abbott`s writing throughout the entire novel, with comedy scenes and even learn a few new things about this extreme sport. 
 Even when she meets handsome Bazilian Boy Sebastian, she is trying to make Todd jealous. 
But Sebastian, her boyfriend, makes her realize something important -- that she can make a guy like her. 

Overall, the novel was great to read, and I learned a few things about the sport, and even fall in love with the men, who were present in her life (L) Todd

    Will Chelsea be able to beat her crush at his own sport? Will the sparks ever fly between Sebastian and Chelsea? Will Todd ever think of Chelsea as more than a fierce competitor? 

    ★★★★☆ Really Liked
    What I liked: 
    • The chemistry of the characters between Chelsea, Todd and Sebastian.   
    • The concept of wake boarding, teaches us about a new sport  
    • It had an interesting atmosphere, at Chelsea`s fathers Resort
    What I didn`t like: 
    • Chelsea`s poor relationship with her half-sister- I wish it grew a little more. To learn more about her sister.
    • The way Chelsea would think that giving about her prized V would try to get her mind off the person she was thinking of.

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