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Thumped (Bumped #2) by Megan McCafferty

Title: Thumped (Bumped #2)
Author: Megan McCafferty
Pages: 304
Publisher: Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins
Release Date: April 24, 2012

Summary: (Goodreads)

It’s been thirty-five weeks since twin sisters Harmony and Melody went their separate ways. And now their story has become irresistible: twins separated at birth, each due to deliver twins…on the same day!

Married to Ram and living in Goodside, Harmony spends her time trying to fit back into the community she once believed in. But she can’t forget about Jondoe, the guy she fell for under the strangest of circumstances.

To her adoring fans, Melody has achieved everything: a major contract and a coupling with the hottest bump prospect around. But this image is costing her the one guy she really wants.

The girls’ every move is analyzed by millions of fans eagerly counting down to “Double Double Due Date.” They’re two of the most powerful teen girls on the planet, and they could do only one thing to make them even more famous:

Tell the truth.


In the sequel to Bumped, Megan McCafferty has created this world that has placed the world at a different perspective if a virus effects humanity. Like Bumped, the main focus of the novel was about teenage pregnancy but beyond that the importance of yourself and family. Melody and Harmony both grow up during this novel through the thirty-five weeks. These twins show that you are not alone and during the read it was really fun read with all the characters. I loved them all in the first books, and even more in Thumped. The writing is awesome as always, I could read this series again for how influential it is and how pregnancy at a young age is still happening today. 

The novel starts with Harmony back in Goodside who which are evil in my opinion despite the religion but as Harmony realizes she is not happy about her life and is still thinking about the father of her twins Jondoe (I love his character) Jondoe is so funny he lightens up the mood with his personality and the way he changes his life style for Melody who showed him the way to think of God in a different life. In the different point of views from both Melody and Harmony we she that Melody is living a life of fame and her romance with Zen is continually growing. 

As both twins want each other in their lives they also think that during Harmony's pregnancy that Melody is also pregnant with Jondoe's children so the impending wait of the Double twins due date. The plot was very well put together and along with the knowledge gained from the book that McCafferty does perfectly tell us that contraception is important to wait to have a family rather than selling babies to parents who cant have any due to the virus. It was refreshing to get to see these characters again in their final chapter in Thumped and how much their characters changed in this novel rather in Bumped. The realization and issues brought up in this book today show that Melody has independence for herself as well as her twin Harmony. 

Megan has done another great job with Thumped and has shown the world today. It was full of unexpected things as well as the way her characters all of whom illustrate the importance that contraception should be used to prevent teenage pregnancy. I also learned many new things from Jondoe lol. Overall it was a good sequel with a lot of messages. 

 Amanda (Stuck In YA Books)

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