Monday, May 9, 2011

The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks

I would like to say that i enjoyed reading this book about first loves and pain that Nicholas Sparks brings to the novel, and how we learn more about each character. Some parts make you laugh while other parts make you really sad:((tear jerker) This is the first book I read of Nicholas Sparks and I hope to read more of his novels in the future. It made me thing about life and how long we have, about family and first loves and new friends. I recommend this book to anybody in need of a good break! Enjoy the read! The book was really well written, which gave the reader an insight into each of the characters POV's with Ronnie, Her Dad, and even Will's POV. I really loved it and I cant wait to read more from this author

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  1. Definitely keep reading books by him. His newest one was very good. I didn't think this one was his best, but he's definitely one of my faves. :o)


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