Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buying Books/Shelf

My bookshelf looks amazing. My mom tells me to stop buying books but I have 3 sections where I keep all the goodies when am not reading an e-book. I have more than my sister, which is a little embarrassing, but I dont really care. I still continue to go to the bookstore at least once a week.

With going to the bookstore I have some resistance to buying specific books, I usually go on the days that the new books come out which is normally Tuesdays. If they dont have that book then I order it from the store- free shipping! 

But as for the book shelf, I have yet to convince my mom to getting little ones for the wall, but its ok. I will be moving things around in the shelf at the end of August and September because so many great books are coming out, and I need to put them in there!!

If your shelf looks like this, show me a pic! (this pic is not updated, but it has more books in there now)

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