Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Here's a little sneak of Hades by Alexandra Adornetto, also check out my review:)

“What have you done?” I croaked instead. “Where am I?”
“There’s no need for alarm,” he replied. I wondered if he
might be trying to reassure me, but he wasn’t able to pull it
off and only ended up sounding condescending. I looked at
him not even trying to conceal my skepticism. “Relax, Beth,
you’re in no danger.”
“What am I doing here, Jake?” It was more a demand than
a question.
“Isn’t that rather obvious? You’re here as my guest, Beth, and
I’ve taken care of everything to ensure your stay is a pleasant
one.” There was such an uncharacteristically expectant look
on his face that for a moment I didn’t know how to reply. I
looked at him wide- eyed.
“Don’t worry, Beth, this place can be a lot of fun when
you’re with the right people.”

Comes out August 30!! Next week:)

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  1. Great teaser! I'm really excited for this one!


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