Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The (Sparkly) Vampire (-Obsessed) Diaries by Lauren Hobbs

The (Sparkly) Vampire (Obsessed) Dairies was a good read. With Jeanette's love for Twilight is like obsessive. But who didn't love Twilight!! I personally liked it. I can relate to Jeanette with her obsessions. Lauren's character were easy to follow along, even if it was from Jeanette's journal. This review may contain spoilers***

Jeanette's relationship with Steven was too fast. Plus him as a character was rude, I did not like him. I liked Grayson more better. Even if some secrets were announced, Jeanette gave up a lot to try and get Steven back. I wouldn't do that for a guy, even if you accidentally called him the wrong name, then you dump her. Jeanette really did "love" but he didnt really show the connection. Meanwhile, she meets the handsome Grayson, I would call him prince charming because he is willing to help Jeanette deal with this Steven situation, helps her get a job, and maybe possibly love.

There needs to be a sequel to this novel! The ending left me wanting more of the story of what going to happen next. Fobbs writing, I liked. Through some of the Diary entries, it was a little repeated, but based on the entire novel, which was really good. The only thing I didnt like was Steven.
Overall a great read, needs a sequel, and Twilight is awesome!!!

Jeanette Thomas is in love with all things Twilight. So when the new hottie at school, Steven, starts taking notice of her she's positive that she's found her very own vampire boyfriend. Unfortunately, in The World of Jeanette, sexy Irish boys with albinism can sometimes be mistaken for the undead; and after she gets dumped for taking her Twilight obsession too far, she sets out on a life changing quest to win Steven back. And when Jeanette wants something, not even paper towel mini skirts, conniving aunts, and the entire expanse of the U.S. can stop her from getting it... but her budding love for the charming and mysterious Grayson just might.

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  1. Ohhh I just entered a contest on Goodreads to win this..I think I am going to love it..I love Twilight !


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