Monday, March 12, 2012

40 Things I Want To Tell You by Alice Kuipers Blog Tour- Guest Post

I would love to welcome Alice Kuipers to Stuck In YA Books!! As part of this awesome tour held by HarperCollins Canada. I would like to present a guest post from the Alice!!!!
Thanks for hosting me on my blog tour – I always enjoy reading your reviews here at Stuck in YA Books.  I thought today I’d write something for you that’s connected to my new novel 40 Things I Want To Tell You. The main character, Bird, loves to give advice.  In honour of her (even though she ends up making a mess of everything), I wanted to share two of my favourite writing tips with you.

The first one is a simple tip, but it helps me whenever I feel grumpy or stressed about writing.  Just write.  It’s a bit like the Nike ad from the 90s: Just Do It.  Turns out that the marketing department at Nike had it right – just doing something is the best way to figure out if you are passionate about it, if you have something to say, if you want to do it again.  And again.  And again.  Because that’s what writers have to do.  Write.  Every day if possible.  And they have to write badly and they have to write messily and they have to get it wrong to figure out how to get it right!

The second tip is about these mistakes.  Remember the first draft is not the last.  If, when you’re writing, you put pressure on yourself to get it perfect, then it’s almost impossible to get anything down on the page.  Getting it wrong is part of the fun.  As Bird finds out, sometimes making a mess of things is the only way to discover the best path.

Come and visit me at for more writing tips and advice!

Thanks SOO MUCH for Alice Kuipers for coming by!! I am looking forward to be posting my review. I have heard many good things about 40 Things I Want to Tell You!! Thank you again to HarperCollins Canada for hosting the tour!! <3

Be Sure to add the book to your reading lists!!
About the book: (GOODREADS)

Amy (a.k.a. Bird) seems to have the perfect life: loving parents, a hot boyfriend, the best friend ever. She even writes an online advice column, full of Top Tips, to help other teens take control of their lives. But after a new guy shows up at school, Bird can’t seem to follow her own wisdom.

Pete is the consummate bad boy. He’s everything Bird is not: wild, unambitious and more than a little dangerous. Although she knows he’s trouble, Bird can’t stay away. And the more drawn she is to Pete, the more cracks are revealed in her relationship with Griffin, her doting boyfriend. Meanwhile, her parents’ marriage is also fracturing, possibly for good.

Bird is way out of her comfort zone. All it takes is one mistake, one momentary loss of control, for her entire future to be blown away . . .


  1. How funny is it that I Googled "40 Things I Want To Tell You" and you just posted this guest post today!

    I'm sad I live in the US right now...I'm thinking about just buying it from Canada and having it shipped to me.

    Great advice for those aspiring writers out there!

  2. This sounds like it would be a really good one. =)


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