Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (34)

Title: Arise (Hereafter #2)
Author: Tara Hudson
Pages: 400
Publisher: HarperTeen 
Expected Release: June 5, 2012

Summary: (Goodreads)

Amelia—still caught between life and death—must fight for every moment of her relationship with the human boy Joshua. They can hardly even kiss without Amelia accidentally dematerializing. Looking for answers, they go to visit some of Joshua’s Seer relatives in New Orleans. But even in a city so famously steeped in the supernatural, Amelia ends up with more questions than answers…and becomes increasingly convinced that she and Joshua can never have a future together.Wandering through the French Quarter, Amelia meets other in-between ghosts, and begins to seriously consider joining them. And then she meets Gabrielle. Somehow, against impossible odds, Gaby has found a way to live a sort of half-life...a half-life for which Amelia would pay any price. Torn between two worlds, Amelia must choose carefully, before the evil spirits of the netherworld choose for her.

Why I am Excited:
1. I LOVED Hereafter (Finished it yesterday)
2. I love the characters Amelia + Joshua
3. The sequel looks really really good!
4. June come quicker!!  
5. Read this series!! 


  1. I have not read the first book yet but have heard they are really good. My WoW

  2. Great pick! I am so excited for Arise because I loved Hereafter. I can't wait to find out what will happen next. I also really love the cover for Arise!

    My WOW
    Traci @ The Reading Geek

  3. I LOVED Hereafter. It was such a sweet story. Love Amelia and Joshua. Can't wait either!
    My WOW

  4. I have yet to read this series, but I really want to! I love the covers of the novels and how beautiful they look. xD

    Nice pick!
    My WoW

  5. AAAAHHHHH I still haven't read the first one yet. I LOVE this cover though! (I want her dress! Even though I don't wear's purdy though lol)
    Shellie @ Creative Reads

  6. I haven't read Hereafter, but I've heard really good things about it.

  7. Oh man! I still haven't read Hereafter! I got it last summer, the day it came out & still haven't read it! Soon though because I have ARISE, so I need to get moving! The cover is GORGEOUS!!!

  8. I need to pick up book one because this one sounds great. Here is my Wow:

  9. I still haven't read Hereafter yet but have heard some really great things about it. I love the cover on this book!

  10. Yes! Seriously, this one needs to come out NOW. Great pick!

    Jenna @ Making the Grade
    My WOW this week

  11. This sounds so unique, and it's got an awesome New Orleans setting. I need to read Hereafter now!

  12. I have the first one on my shelf, but haven't read it yet! Glad you like it so much!!!

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Goldilox :)

  13. I don't think I've heard of this series, so I look forward to your review. That cover is really pretty - I like how you can kind of see through her!

  14. I haven't heard of this series either - sounds different, especially from what I have been reading for the last couple of months. And the covers look really pretty too!
    Thanks for the rec :)


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