Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 2: Blogger Development

Blogger Development

I do think that I did branch out more as a blogger because of the community as well as joining more blog tours. As a blogger who started from nothing and figuring what to do, I think I did a great job reaching out to the community and as well as organize Stuck In YA Books. There are some days that I do get stressed out with the blog but I still try to have fun with providing giveaways and also talking to authors through twitter. I am not near any author events but, that would be another blogger dream I would love to take part in. Unforunately Thunder Bay is a small city with little local author events at the same time not many bloggers. The blogging community is another family because we all like the same things in novels and also in our daily lives. I hope to meet all you new bloggers as well. Blogging is hard work but it does pay off in the end. 

We discover new authors, books and even bloggers go professional. Lots are great designers who can create amazing designs who can attract, I wish I was good with codes some days but I am happy with my blog and it makes it original and true about who I am. Bloggers are a great to know and we are all friends. Thank you for creating Armchair BEA as a way for bloggers who cannot go to BEA have a chance to connect with each other!! I feel like I changed as a person and more open to new reads like New Adult and a person who can influence a person to buy a novel which I loved. Its a great feeling!

Favorite Genre: Young Adult and New Adult

I am a HUGE fan of fiction with a great plot that can suck me into the authors story. I for sure opened my horizon to read more with blogging because of the newest books out there as well as the great advertising that the publishers do to attract us to these books. Young Adult and New Adult as well as romance and Fiction are my favorite. I love certain authors but it develops a good range to provide feedback to the publisher and give me a reader a different POV.  I could read anything by Jennifer L. Armentrout because her books are amazing and I am always excited to see what new idea she is coming up with. I am glad to call her a friend whom I known from the beginning.

Some favorites:



  1. Love JLA! I'm starting The 5th Wave next month so I'm glad it's one of your favorites! I think NA doesn't get enough credit. Yes it's a little racy at times, but I enjoy reading about people my age going through real things. Cam is freaking adorable and I loved that story. i haven't read Slammed, but Hopeless is on my tbr so I'm excited to try that author. I hear she's awesome.

  2. Obsidian has been on my TBR list ever since I found out that the main character is a book blogger. :)

  3. The 5th Wave quickly became one of my favourites! Anything JLA/ J. Lynn toooooo! Also, it's great to meet a fellow Canadian!

    My day 2 post

  4. I am glad NA has been coined and a new slot has been made. Putting those books in YA drove me nuts because my preenies and young teen girls kept wanting to read them and I had to beat them off with a stick. Obsidian is So good!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I need to read the 5th Wave! I am warming up to the YA Genre because there are so many great books now!
    Have a great 2nd day guys! My DAY 2 Post

  5. It really is satisfying to set up a blog and develop it. I'm in the very early stages, and sometimes get stressed about it too. But it should be fun, shouldn't it. And if we have fun doing it, everyone else will have fun reading it :0)

  6. The 5th Wave is great!

    I wish I was better with coding myself.

  7. I'm slowly dipping my toes into the sea that is NA fiction. I'm a bit timid, but I'm trying to expand my comfort zone. The 5th Wave has been one of my favorites too!

  8. I enjoyed Obsidian and making author friends too! Author events are fun, hopefully you can go out of town to experience some.

  9. Thanks for the JLA surprise! Wait for you was amazing!

    I love your cute little pink background! :)

    I don't think you need to change anything about your blog if you don't want too!


    Ashley @ My Two Cents

  10. I'd like to learn how to code better too. I've been going through the free exercises on Code Academy and I've learned a lot more.!/exercises/0

    Love your YA list too. I still haven't read 5th Wave but I want to.

  11. I'm so surprised by the overwhelmingly hyped-up reaction that The 5th Wave has received. Well, I guess surprised is the wrong word. I'm not surprised because the genre (YA Dystopia) is so huge right now, and this type of book (strong female protecting her family, stumbling across love) within that genre is the theme-of-choice, so to speak. Plus, the marketing campaign for this book was huge. So, no, not surprised but.. I don't know. Discouraged? I just didn't think the book was great. It was "okay," for me.

  12. Good job on branching out into the blogging community. That can be really hard for a lot of people--myself included. I completely understand your dilemma of not having any author events near by. That's the way it is where I live as well. Good luck and keep pressing forward, you're doing great!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  13. I haven't participated in a blog tour yet but hear they are great ways to network and develop your blog. I am surprised at how much I like YA. Book blogging has certainly broadened my horizons beyond chick lit. Here's my Blogger development and favorite books by genre post if you'd like to stop by.

  14. I've been really wanting to branch more into New Adult territory but I have not had the chance to yet, besides a select few. The Sea of Tranquility is one of my favorites. :)

  15. You've got a great list of books there! I agree, blogging is such a great way to get to know others who love the same stuff and have an excuse to stalk authors lol

  16. Those are all great books that you've listed! On a completely random note, have you ever read Kendare Blake's Anne Dressed In Blood? Doesn't that take place in Thunder Bay?

    I wish I were better a coding too, but your blog looks great!


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