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How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler (Blog Tour)

Title: How I Lost You
Author: Janet Gurtler
Pages: 320
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire/ Raincoast
Genre: YA
Release Date: April 23, 2013

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Summary: (Goodreads) 

There are a few things Grace Anderson knows for sure. One is that nothing will ever come between her and her best friend, Kya Kessler. They have a pact. Buds Before Studs. Sisters Before Misters. But in the summer before senior year, life throws out challenges they never expected. And suddenly the person who's always been there starts to need the favor returned. Grace and Kya are forced to question how much a best friend can forgive. And the answer is not what they expected.

In How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler created this amazing book about friendships, romance the the true meaning of finding who you want to be and the meanings of being a friend. In this powerful story about friendship, Grace and Kya are best friends who do everything together, with their one rule that friends come first. Janet tells a beautiful story with a powerful message that a lot of people can relate to. 

Grace is fun character who I liked from the very beginning. Her love for paintball is another thing I like about her because she has so much passion for this sport as well as it deals with her friendship with Kya. Grace acted like herself and is happy with who she is as a teenager. Kya made me want to hit her sometimes for her stupid moments, but understanding her story, I felt bad for what happened. With that almost near the end she drove me crazy. She was unstable and never actually dealt with her issues and disasters she created. As we become older, some friends disconnect with you for reasons like being busy, but when you stop talking automatically you know that friendship has changed. I felt like Grace most of the time. 

Grace actually gets to fall in love with Levi who was the sweets character ever! He is shy and sweet. Without him Grace would have never been able to stand up to Kya for all her mistakes in there friendship. Levi really was an important character, as is that the romance was not the main focus. The ending was perfect and I could have not been happier for Grace! Gurtler is a great writer who knows how to place a topic that has so much meaning. You will definitely fall in love with this book! Contemporary novels are one of my favorites that show a lot of control and are different. I will for sure be reading more of Janet's books!!

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