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YA Crush Tourney (Jase)

YA Sisterhood
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Jase is definitely the most swoon-worthy character because he is smart, hard, working dedicated, straight forward, funny, attentive, loyal and he would do anything to help Sam. He puts his family ahead of himself.  He is a modern day Romeo when he climbs up Samantha's trellis to introduce himself. He is every dream girls book boyfriend!!


Jase is described as "rangier, leaner, his wavy hair a lighter brown, already with those streaks of  blonde that brunettes get in the summer." Has wavy brown hair, green eyes, and olive skin.


He is talented at football, likes to fix things especially cars, and vacuums. He is very good with taking care of his younger siblings ex. babysitting.

Special Attributes/Best Qualities

He is very good at training for his upcoming try-outs for football. Jase is also known for his animals which live in his room.

Best Qualities: reliable, attentive, loyal, self-less, family oriented, lovable,

Anything else?

  • His real name is Jason 
  • He is the third oldest Garrett 

His first meeting with Samantha:

"Hey," he says again, sitting down next to me as though he knows me well. "Need rescuing?"
I stare at this boy. He's obviously a Garrett, and not Joel, but which one? Up close, in the light spilling from my bedroom, he looks different from most of the Garretts--rangier, leaner, his wavy hair a lighter brown, already with those streaks of blond some brunettes get in the summer.
"Why would I need rescuing? This is my house, my roof."
"I don't know. It just hit me, seein gyou there, that you might be Rapunzel. The princess in the tower thing. All that long blond hair and... well..."
"And you'd be?" I know I'm going to laugh if he says "the prince."

Instead he answers "Jase Garrett," reaching for my hand to shake it, as though we're at a college interview rather than randomly sitting together on my roof at night.

                               Jase has a rather unusual... hobby?
"Walking into Jase's room is like walking into... well, I'm not sure... A forest? A bird sanctuary? One of those tropical habitats they have at zoos? It's filled with plants, really tall ones and hanging ones and succulents and cacti. There are three parakeets in a cage and a huge hostile-looking cockatoo in another. vI look, there are other creatures..."

Swoon-worthy moments:

 Jase studies my face, then takes my hand, pulling me down. He carefully curls around me, so my head is resting on his arm, and his head's resting on my shoulder. His fingers move slowly through my hair. The paradox of Jase is that at the same time I'm so conscious of the head of his chest against my back, and the muscles under the shorts on the legs twined around mine, I feel so safe and comfortable that I fall, almost immediately asleep. 

If Jase wins this match Huntley will provide us with a extra scene!!

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