Friday, May 29, 2015

Armchair BEA: Blogging Q&A (Day 3)


Here are a few tips from one blogger to another!


I recommend that you be honest when you are blogging and be comfortable with who you are. There was a time that I wanted to keep my identity away from the public, but I am glad I didn't because that person is not the real me. I connected with so many people who like the same thing I do and their blog succeeded. Tell your story !!


Be sure to not get caught up with trying to keep up with what other bloggers are doing on their blogs. Blogging to me is a hobby that I enjoy and at the same time becoming friends with bloggers around the world. Even join in Follow Fridays because you can write about your experiences about a certain topic. Don't stress out about not making a post in time and just have fun!


Like yesterday's post, media is very important to becoming a blogger. I find that through Twitter you are able to become friends with the authors because they are available on the internet! There are Twitter chats happening where you can ask them questions which is amazing! Authors are amazing people who care about the readers and bloggers! I've gotten to know other bloggers through this process, even people in my city who are book lovers just like I am.


There are many ways to interact with your followers. When I first got noticed, it was through giveaways. Giveaways are a way to attract people to your blog. Even write about current topics that are not discussed around the blogging community. Comment on other peoples blogs when you do memes or even Armchair BEA!!

5. ARCs

When starting out I didn't even know what ARCs where or even where you could get them! Then slowly with help and lots of researching I was able to connect with the publishers and be on their bloggers lists for when they send them out. Even start joining networks where you can find e-ARCs (ex. Netgalley) is a great website that I use all the time and its easier for me to read on since some publishers in the States don't send to Canada. Before you email the publicist write a paragraph about yourself with your stats from your blog (unique followers, # of followers, where you post your reviews, and total views.

These are a few that I recommend! If you have any put it down in the comments!


  1. Great advice, thank you! You're so right with "have fun". It's so important to enjoy blogging. Happy Friday. x

  2. Great tips! I think that #2, have fun, is one of the most important tip to remember. So many of us get stressed and forget that we started blogging because we loved it.

    And I never knew about ARCs either when I was starting out! They're nice, but I'm slowly backing away from accepting them in favor of reading my own books. That takes some of the self-imposed pressure off!


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