Friday, August 14, 2015


Tonight while I was talking to everyone on Twitter I came across a post about reviews spoiling a book that hasn't released yet (AKA Queen of Shadows).

This is a major issue that has come up among many bloggers who have voiced their opinions on this subject. So I asked the question: What are your views on people spoiling books for you? Here are some of the responses I got!

As you can see people don't like reading spoilers. It can ruin the experience for many other readers to not read one of their most anticipated books. Being a blogger and a reader I know to avoid spoilers online, especially when Allegiant came out. I avoided the internet like the plague and I'm glad I ignored them because when I read the book it felt great to read it and see what my reaction was.

Now to deal with the issue of Queen of Shadows being ruined. If you are one of those lucky readers who was able to receive a finished copy from the publisher then you are very lucky, but for some of us who aren't on that list we don't want to see spoilers about the book. Keep this information to yourself or ask if anyone else who has the book can talk to you about it! (create a group about it) PLEASE DO NOT add it on Goodreads where everyone can read it, be ruined and crushed by your review. PLUS do not ask the author why they did what they did because its very rude. Yes we can be passionate about the series that we love and want to voice out our opinions about that subject in the book, but as a reader I don't want to be spoiled in a review.

  • On Goodreads there is a button that you can use to cover up the spoiler if you want to add them in. If people want to look they can but at least warn people! (I usually go with no-spoilers) 
  • Create a group or chat with readers who have already read the book 
  • Do not post spoilers in your review (overall) 
  • Stay away from the Internet if you don't want to be spoiled
I hope this post helps when you are writing your reviews in the future! If you have any other tips that you would like to suggest add them to the comments!!! As JoshuaDTV would say BE NICE TO PEOPLE



  1. I agree, if you are going to post spoilers in your review you should warn people. Me however, I just avoid posting them all together. I love reading a book and being surprised, I don't want to take that away from someone.
    Miranda's Book Blog

  2. I was reading and enjoying this one series, on the first book, and then on Twitter an author answered a question from a reader ... it basically started off something like, "So and so died at the end of this series, will he have his own series?" and I was only on the first book!! That was a few years ago and I still haven't gone back. Sometimes spoilers are unavoidable and I feel like I need to not pay any attention to any social media while reading.


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