Friday, June 3, 2011

Books !

This is in the cupboard, there are more books behind them, they are all over the place!

Another place I put the books, so I could add more to the pic above ^

The books I recently bought today!!!!

Imaginary Girls- Nova Ren Suma
 He's So Not Worth It- by Kieran Scott- read my review here
The Karma Club- Jessica Brody
Any Man of Mine- Rachel Gibson


  1. Woweeee!!!

    I want to read Any Man of Mine soon too :o) Nice collection!!!

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  2. there is more on a shelf but I didnt take a pic yet!

  3. My books are all over the place too! the other day I found WHIT CAT in a draw in the garage? I was like, "wtf? how did this get here?" haha:)


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Thanks Amanda

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