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Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) by Josephine Angelini + Giveaway

Title: Dreamless (Starcrossed #2)
Author: Josephine Angelini 
Pages: 487
Publisher: HarperTeen
Expected Release: May 29, 2012
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Summary: (Goodreads)

As the only Scion that can enter Hades at will, Helen descends to the Underworld in search of a way to overcome the Furies and end the cycle of revenge that has cursed the Scions. But she’s running out of time. Each descent weakens her both in mind and spirit. A mysterious stranger might be her only salvation, but the price may be her love for Lucas Delos.

As an unforgettable love triangle emerges, Josephine Angelini’s compelling saga becomes ever more intricate and spellbinding. The eagerly awaited sequel to the internationally bestselling Starcrossed, Dreamless delivers with a huge emotional impact that will leave readers satisfied—and longing for more.

* A copy was provided by HarperCollins Canada for honest review*


I will have to say Dreamless was soo amazing!! I loved it all. Josephine Angelini's writing is addicting and after Starcrossed I knew that this will be amazing. I was soo excited to receive it that I jumped for joy!! I love the cover and everything!! It was great to be back to this world where Helen and Lucas existed. It did not disappoint, each of the characters are back and Helen is descending into the underworld to find a way to defeat the Furies. It was HOT, and I always do love Greek mythology. Helen's world is really cool and their is also a new love interest!!

Josephine Angelini brings back her amazing characters in the sequel. I fell in love them all over again including the forbidden romance between Lucas and Helen. Their love was tested through this novel as the Delos family wants to separate them due to the curse and the many more things that went through Dreamless. As Starcrossed, Dreamless does not disappoint. It picks up right where we left off from Starcrossed and it really gets the reader back in the mood of what is happening. Helen takes on dangerous in a serious way by descending to the Underworld to save those she loves including Lucas and his family. She is very determined to find a way through the Underworld on her own until she meets Orion. 

Man these two boys are soo hard to pick from... Lucas and Orion. I instantly fell for Lucas in the first book but then Orion came into the picture and surprised me. The chemistry between both of the men was amazing! From between the new romance that was developing from Helen and Orion which is understandable because they do relate with going to the Underworld and they both want to find a way out of their curses. Orion is a great character to add to this family because he would also do anything for Helen. Orion is very HOT, and his strength is O_O I love this boy! I also loved his humor. I felt so bad for Lucas because he had to stay away from Helen through most of the book and it tore my heart apart of what Angelini was doing to him! This romance was also interesting, I look forward to more Lucas and Orion in Book #3

I loved Josephine Angelini's writing and the way she is able to change some of the characters point of views was beautiful because I love seeing what other characters are going through when all this was happening. The development of the storyline was also intertwined very well because it was very important to what Josephine is planning for the next book. The twists and turns were everyone and my emotions were along with it. I always loved Mythology but this is by far my favorite series that involves the Greek mythology. Dreamless is by far addicting and there is soo much action that is going on that will leave you wanting the next book!  Be sure to start this series immediately!! 


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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm most excited about how Helen and lucas's relationship will play out and the mysterious new guy character.

  2. I really enjoyed Starcrossed, but for some reason I'm not excited about Dreamless. Maybe it's b/c I have such a hard time w/ "middle" books. I'm glad you enjoyed this, I will read it at some point.
    Great review!

  3. Awesome review!!! I LOVED Dreamless as well and I can't wait for the next book!!

  4. Thanks for the review and giveaway! I have not read Starcrossed yet so I'm not sure what to look forward to in Dreamless, but this sounds like a really great book! I think it's time to start Starcrossed and soon ;)

  5. I seriously love the cover. Does that count as excitement? :o)
    I've just purchased Starcrossed for my Kindle, so I'm not familiar with the story yet -- but the reviews I've read have me so intrigued! Can't wait to read for myself...
    THanks for the giveaway :o)

  6. i haven't started this series yet, but I am excited to read them both...been on tbr list for a while. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  7. I'm most excited about "meeting" Orion. I love Lucas, but I'm glad Orion is going give him some competition.

  8. I saw this in B&N yesterday (they put it out early)and I almost got it. The cover is GORGEOUS

  9. I really loved Starcrossed. Plus I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of it from Josie on her blog last year! (Go me.) It takes pride of place on my shelf. I definitely can't wait to find out what happens next with Helen and Lucas, plus more about Helen's "past".

  10. I am a sucker for all things with mythology. I loved the first book in the series as well. I can't wait to see where the story leads to!

  11. Loved the first book and can't wait to see what happens with Helen and Lucas - and a new love interest!?


  12. I would like to thank you for an increadible book giveaway that looks facinating, and something that i would love to have the oportunity of reading. I am a huge fan of this genre and what strikes me most about this book is how intricate the plot sounds and how the characters entwine within the storyline, making it sound utterly facinating. Thank you so much and i am following via GCF (sorry, not on facebook or twitter). x
    From: miss. Lucinda Fountain
    Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

  13. I`m most excited to find out what happens next with Helen and the two hotties :D


    my email-

  14. I LOVE THE STORY!! I have been waiting for this book a while, I just cant wait for all of it! :D

  15. can't wait for the book

  16. EVERYTHING!! I'm excited about everything:)

  17. It sounds like a good book to read.

  18. Greek Mythology and romance is my everything!!! I love your review and your thoughts, and so glad you enjoyed!! :D

    My thouhgts:


  19. I can't wait for more mythology and romance! <333

  20. I want to know what happens between Helen and Lucas... Thank you for the giveaway...

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  21. Great Review! I haven't read the series yet but it's on my list for my birthday giftcards!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  22. I just want to know how the story continues! Thanks :o)

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  23. I'm reading Starcrossed this week, so I'm not familiar with the storyline, yet. It would be awesome to win Dreamless, though.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I'm excited to see what happens with Helen and Lucas.;D

  25. , Dreamless was a really good read. I love the author's writing style, the book was set at a good pace, and the mythology was outstanding. Even the new love triangle didn't bother me too much. If you are a fan of Starcrossed, you are definitely going to want to pick up Dreamless. If you are a fan of mythology like me, this series would be great to look into more. Josephine Angelini is super talented and these books aren't at all disappointing in my opinion.

  26. yay! i'm very excited to read this one! I've read Dreamless and it's really awesome! The story is amazing and different from other mythology inspired books. :)

  27. This was such a interesting book. It is one of my new favorite books. Some action and some romance. I can't wait for the next book.


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