Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I Blog.....

I started book blogging to talk about the books I love. I started first on Chapters Indigo and gradually moved on to Blogger as a way to let a wider audience read my reviews. I know people want to request books like crazy from the publisher all depending on their followers but not all publishers look at that. It all depends on how you reach out on the public and reading others blogs. I do understand that its hard to gain followers, all bloggers go through it, but your blog has to make a name for itself rather than asking other blogs to follow you because of a meme its about the content of the blog that will attract your views and publishers. 

When I started in 2009 I did not understand a thing about blogging, never even heard about it, but after I read the Twilight series I was going through a phase of constant reading and I wanted to voice out my ideas. I was always at the book store and once I finished that book I would post a short review of what I thought of the book. (Chapters Indigo) I learned blogging through researching and understanding what all these others bloggers were doing. I loved their reviews and we also had similar thoughts about the book. You get a thrill when someone comments on the review. I was like that with my review of The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks on Chapters Indigos site. I was proud to let my words affect how people will think about buying the books I would review. Starting off I bought ALL my books. I have also had rude e-mails sent to me saying I was blogging for free books but they are wrong because I blogging for my love of books. I respect the other blogs out there who are doing a great job! I have become friends with many of them through this process and joining twitter and connecting with authors and bloggers has been a gift for me as well as getting to know all the awesome publicists who send out the books for reviewers. 
Blogging is hard work, and doing it through school and work is hard but LOTs of people do it because they love it, if you dont love it you won't get followers. If you ask people to follow you because of a meme that you never use is a bit rude. I try to go to the other blogs but we all have lives in which school can interfere. Remember its not about the number of people following you its about the words you say because the blogger community is huge. I love books and blogging, the best of both worlds and remember to BE YOURSELF
Amanda @ Stuck In YA Books 

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  1. Oh I wonder what this is a response to ;) LOL! Totes agree, blogging's hard work but we do it because we love to share our passion for books :D great post lady pants!

  2. Well said! I love your blog!

  3. Great post Amanda and I totally agree!! Blogging is hard work but it really pays off by reading new books and making new friends :)

  4. You are 100% correcto on this one Amanda. With everything that has been going on I haven't been able to post a review or anything. I've gotten 2 books read since I've been here so hopefully I'll get back to posting a review every day like I was. I heart you to pieces and so glad that we've met through blogging/twitter. If you ever need me you know how to get me <3

  5. Blogging is definitely hard work! I started blogging for a lot of reasons, but I honestly did turn my reviews to blogger rather than just Goodreads in order to give myself a reviewing platform and be able to get review books. However if people think they can review just for free books they have the massively wrong attitude. Since blogging I have bought WAY more books than before, because you get exposed to so many more amazing books/authors.

  6. Amazing post! I completely agree with you about several points! It gives me a thrill too whenever I get comments and they say how much I have persuaded them to pick up the book!


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