Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Insurgent Week: Why I Loved Divergent!

Why I Loved Divergent:

Divergent was one of those books that I could not put down because it had all the perfect elements in a dystopian novel. I still wonder why it took me a while to read it For example Veronica Roth characters are developed and in Divergent each character transformed. When choosing the fraction they choose their destiny. Tris is a very likable character because some teenagers can relate to her as main character and her transformation.

From beginning to end Tris' story will leave you wanting more of the next book and this book is an addiction because every time I re-read it I would love it even more! Tris and Four romance was the topping of the cake. I love how there is no love triangle in this series and we know they will be together for the next book. While reading about the formation of Tris and Four's romance, every time Four came into the room I got butterflies because is HOT and his development as a character and getting to know him was very interesting on his background and family.

 If you love the Hunger Games, Divergent is the perfect book for you. Hands down the best book of 2011.

What I look forward to in INSURGENT!! 

What I am looking for in this amazing series is getting to knew Tris more as well as Four, and her brother. I know we get to see some of the other Fractions. I would also like to see Four and Tris relationship more as well as what will happen to their home. After the last book I an expect lots of wonderful things because all I heard from other readers is their love for this one with a interesting ending.....Based on the entire plot of Divergent anything can happen, and I cannot wait to read this book today. So be sure to read the Divergent and Insurgent (which is out today!!)

Amanda (Stuck In YA Books)

Thursday, Jackie from Hardcover Obsessions about a few of the male characters found in Divergent over at Savvy Reader. Friday is Kathy from A Glass of Wine  by discussing the theme of fear as used in Divergent.
Enter to win both Divergent and Insurgent until May 13. It is only open to Canadians since its sponsored by HarperCollins Canada.   Leave an e-mail to enter!

We'll draw a winner on May 14th.


  1. I am super excited for this book! The cliffhanger from Divergent is killing me. I hope my copy arrives in the mail soon. :)


  2. I cannot wait for Insurgent! EEEP! Totally agree with you!

  3. oops! Forgot my email: catchingashootingstar[at]hotmail[dot]ca

  4. Omg I was such a sucker for INSURGENT. OH SOO GOOD!


  5. OMG! EEK! This book is killing me so need to get my hands on it

  6. Oooh oooh, pick me! lol


  7. What I love about this series is that there is NO love triangle and I hope that stays this way the whole time!!

    itlnsilver [at] yahoo [dot] ca

  8. I really loved the world-building in Divergent! I can't wait to read Insurgent!

  9. Oops! Email, that's right.


  10. I'm particularly looking forward to learning more about the other factions. One thing about Divergent was that I think I started to like Tris a little less as the book went on... hopefully that'll change in Insurgent ^^



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